Darrell & Rhonda Preston

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        After 30 years of marriage, raising four children in a blended family, and enjoying 18 grandchildren, Darrell and I have learned that all of life’s relationships can improve when individuals are willing to apply godly communication principles.  This website is one way to share what God's taught us about family and Church conflict and unity. 

       The different sections of this site will give you information (tools) to help you better understand yourself and others.  More importantly, we'll cover what God's said about how we can communicate effectively using the truths of His Word.  These principles may not come naturally, but they can make a huge difference in the quality of your relationships at home, Church, work, and within your community.  


        Darrell (my Honey of 33 years!) provides technical,  business, and logistics support.  We have opposite but complementary gifts.  He's a gift-of-service person who's a wonderful organizer.   My background and education are in teaching and speaking about conflict resolution.  While we both have a burden for those who don't know Christ, our hearts are drawn to building up the body of Christ. 

       If  you're a believer who's struggling to get along with your brothers and sisters in Christ, or have even stopped participating in a local church because of a conflict with another believer, we can help.