Domestic Relations


 This type of mediation deals with:


                      Divorce - Separation - Parenting plans - Custody disputes

















        Life is full of conflicts, but the separation of a family creates a deep and lasting pain on multiple levels.   The process of mediation is organized to create a safe space that encourages good communication and conflict resolution skills.  Especially if you have children, this will help you communicate effectively while going through this difficult decision-making process.  The skills you learn in mediation will also be invaluable in the future when you need to collaborate as your children get older.  Your family may divide, but parenting responsibilities grow over time.  Learning how to do what works now will make those years ahead much less stressful.  For those of you who frequently find yourselves in court over parenting disagreements, learning conflict resolution skills, and using the mediation process, can save a great deal of time and money.  The greatest advantage is that learning to work together is a wonderful way to reduce the stress on your children.  


Process Options


The four options available for those who wish to divide their family are: 


          1) The traditional route of obtaining lawyers and going through the Court System,

          2) To use lawyers, but mediate the details,

          3) To represent yourselves and mediate the details,

          4) to represent yourselves without assistance from the courts or mediation.  


Going the traditional route through the Court system using a lawyer is usually the most expensive and time intensive.  The lawyer will speak for you and the judge will make decisions for you.


If you choose to use mediation with an attorney, we will mediate those areas in which you cannot agree, and your lawyer will do the rest.  You will still have the expense of an attorney, but mediating the difficulties will save time, and by extension, money.  


If you choose to use mediation and represent yourselves, you will need to complete the tutorial at  This will answer many questions and provide the necessary forms.  These forms are detailed.  When you call us to set up your mediation, we will talk through your situation, make sure you have the proper documents, and prepare you for your group mediation.  Private in-person pre-meetings are available.  Pricing is listed on our payment page.


Please feel free to call or email us at the addresses on our Home page.  If you want to minimize the time and expense of dealing with your Domestic Relations conflict, give us a call.  We'd like to help. 






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